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Children and Divorce

Children and Divorce

The Children’s Act (“the Act”) governs the rights of minor children. It also determines the rights and responsibilities of the parents.

Of prime concern, is the best interests of the children, it is not what the parents feel is in their own best interests (they’re mostly a selfish lot at the best of times).

All children have an absolute right to have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, clothes on their backs, a warm bed, medical attention, education, and above all, to be loved and cared for by both parents. They have a right to be happy!

Unfortunately and more specifically when it comes to divorce, or the end of a relationship in which the parents are not married, some parents seem to think that one or other of them are the only ones with rights. These parents are the most detestable and self centered animals on the planet.

The Act creates rules for parents who cannot be bothered to do what is fair and reasonable and provides some measure of protection for the children of these types.

Amongst others, the rules relate to:

  • Children born to married couples
  • Children born to parents who are not married
  • Parenting agreements
  • The roll of the Family Advocate
  • Contact with the children