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Deceased Estates


There comes a time in all our lives when a loved one passes away (as we all do). It is always sad and distressing.

Unfortunately myths, misinformation and horror stories are common. Hopefully we can clarify and explain what is to be done.

First, look at the terms that you will come across.

It is important to understand that there is no immediate rush to report the estate. This can be done within a reasonable time after you have received the death certificate.

The administration and winding up of an estate, other than an 18(3), can be a rather complex process. Some people choose to do this without the assistance of a professional, which is fine. However, the master often directs a layperson applying for an appointment as executor to appoint an attorney or other qualified Person as their agent.

Winding up an estate other than a complex one, ought to be completed within months. Sadly, until there is a dramatic change, there are numerous sources of delay resulting in it taking far longer than that. To name but a few:

The Masters office: They are often understaffed. They Experience power outs, computer malfunctions and lose documents. It is not uncommon for it to take months just to obtain the appointment.
The Banks: They are often worse culprits than the Master’s office. They don’t respond and also lose documents.
SARS: No comment.

Notwithstanding the delays, we do strive to wind up the estate as quickly as possible. We frequently and regularly follow up with the sources of delay and provide you with progress reports.

Forms that you may have to complete: https://www.justice.gov.za/master/forms.html

For your convenience we provide:

Our fees for administering an estate are as follows:

Estate value over R 250,000.00 Statutory tariff of 3.5% of gross value plus disbursements plus 6% of post death income.
18(3) Estate 10% of gross value plus disbursements subject to a minimum of R 8,000.00 plus disbursements.

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