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Do’s and Don’ts

Divorce Consequences

After divorce, particularly when there are children involved and if it was acrimonious, residual bitterness shows its ugly and costly face. The children are used as pawns in the fight. Access is denied by the custodian parent, unreasonable maintainance claims are made or denied and the result? The parties are back in court. Spending money on lawyers fees, psychologists and the like.This wasted money could be spent in the interests of the children.

We are not  counselors and do not pretend or try to be. Our intention is to advise what to do and what not to do from a legal perspective in order to save costs.

Do not use the children as weapons against each other, they are the innocent victims. They need the support of both parents. Financially and emotionally.

Do try to think clearly and spend the money on the children instead of giving it all to the lawyers.