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Process Summary

Process Summary

  1. Original last will & testament (if in your possession).
  2. Identity document of deceased.
  3. Certified copy of the executor’s identity document.
  4. Certified copy of the executor’s identity documents with three specimen signatures (in cases where a family member has been appointed executor / co-executor)
  5. Original death certificate
  6. Notification of death form (referred to as the bi 1663 form obtained from the funeral directors
  7. If deceased was married; certified copy of marriage certificate.
  8. Certified copy of the identity document of the surviving spouse.
  9. Original ante nuptial contract or certified copy thereof.
  10. If married in terms of the accrual system, a separate inventory of the assets and liabilities of the surviving spouse is required, as at date of death. Please note that we may require supporting documents for this.
  11. Divorce agreements.
  12. Details of predeceased spouse.
  13. Name and address of the deceased’s employer, as well as employee reference number. In the case of pensioners: name, address and pension reference number.
  14. Name, address and membership number (ref no) of medical aid.
  15. Income tax ref number, office of payment and the last year’s tax assessments.
  16. Name, address & telephone number of the tax consultant should the deceased have made use of one
  17. Title deed(s) in respect of fixed property or full property description – erf ….
  18. If property bonded – most recent homeloan bank statement from the bond holder.
  19. Most recent rates, electricity and water accounts. For sectional title properties, we also require a most recent levy statement.
  20. Registration paper/s) in respect of motor vehicle/s.
  21. If vehicles still under finance – most recent statement from the relevant financial institution.
  22. Firearm/s licence/s.
  23. Investment certificate/s
  24. For all investments – bank/investment statements reflecting the balance as at date of death.
  25. Details of all life policies whether payable to the deceased’s estate or to a third party (for estate duty purposes) should this already have been handed in to the institution concerned, we require the name of the institution, as well as the policy numbers.
  26. Details of short-term insurance e.g. Motor vehicles, house contents etc.
  27. Accounts payable by the deceased including credit card(s) and outstanding medical bills.
  28. Television license and to whom the television was given (bequeathed)
  29. Details of recurring debit orders / monthly accounts (eg. Telkom, adt, tracker etc.) And who will be taking these over.
  30. Any lease agreements.
  31. Certificate(s) in respect of share holdings, e.g. Stock exchange.
  32. Certificate(s) in respect of share holdings, e.g. Private companies.
  33. Name, address & telephone number of auditor/bookkeeper should the deceased have made use of one.
  34. Partnership agreement(s) and name(s) and address(es) of partner(s).

  35. Particulars of close corporation(s), should the deceased have been a member.


36. Name, telephone number and reference number from police station, should the deceased have died of unnatural causes, e.g., motor vehicle accident, suicide, etc.

37. Copies of post-mortem and inquest reports (if available)


38. Other than surviving spouse – copies of identity documents or birth certificates of minor beneficiaries.
39. Marriage certificates and/or copies of ante nuptial contracts.
40. Any other information or documentation which may have a bearing on the administration of the estate.
41. Details of pre-deceased beneficiaries (in terms of the last will and testament or intestate succession)
42. Fica documents
43. Non-resident beneficiaries – details to be obtained dependant on emigration formalities.