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Child Maintenance In South Africa



In many cases, the women suffer and are frightened. "How do I cope? I need to pay for childrens schooling, food, clothing etc!


In our law, once a child has reached the age of 18 years, that child is a major and generally, no maintenance for such a child can be claimed by a parent. The major has a claim in his/her own right.


How much to expect..


Both parents have a duty to maintain the children according to their earnings. For example, if it costs R3000.00 per month to maintain a child, the non custodian parent A earning R10000.00 per month and the custodian B, R5000.00, there is R15000.00 in the pot. A should contribute 2/3 of the cost i.e. R2000.00 and B 1/3 i.e. R1000.00. The maintenance should be payable by A on or before the first day of the month.