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Going To Court

Going to court

Lawyers the world over tend to use terms that they are familiar with, arrogantly overlooking the fact that most folk do not have the faintest idea what they are on about. (We do not exclude ourselves)

I‘ll take you to court! I’ll sue you! Send him a lawyers letter! See you in court! Speak to my lawyer! Sue me! Take me to court! I want a divorce! These expressions and many more are all either a statement of an intention to initiate legal proceedings against someone or an invitation to another to start proceedings against you. Lawyers call these proceedings, Litigation.

The dubious pleasure of having your day in court and seeing your opponent reduced to a quivering idiot, whilst gloating lawyers exchange knowing nods and glances, is the stuff movies are made of and seldom happens in real life.

Litigation is expensive, can often be avoided and above all, in financial terms, yields no winners. Seek sound advice, question your lawyer on all aspects, including the upsides and downsides, particularly with regard to costs if you win and costs if you lose. Very often an early settlement will be more economical, especially if the amount involved is relatively low.

Very human emotions, anger, hurt, pride, and ego, often cloud the issues.Your lawyer should guide you.