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Great Lawyers In Johannesburg


There is no such thing as "the best" or "the top" lawyer in town. Some are more knowledgeable or experienced in a particular field, than others. The law is vast and  changes rapidly, to meet the demands of the society in which we reside. Law is not a science.


Contrary to popular perception, the lawyer does not, cannot and should not, lie for, or concoct a favourable version for, the client.


The lawyer relies heavily on the client for accurate and detailed information. Provide your lawyer with all and any documents in your possession even if you think that they might be irrelevant to your case. Let him decide, that is why you are paying him.


Respond promptly to your lawyers requests for information or documentation. If you do not, you may be prejudiced in the conduct of your case. The biggest mistake that clients can make, is to assume that their lawyer can wave a wand and make all their problems disappear.


Do not treat litigation lightly. Speak to your lawyer, ask questions, listen and respond. If all this sounds patronising, we apologise, it is not intended to be so. The client's input and co-operation is important.